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Are you being punished by Google for unawareness or your SEO agency’s misdeeds? Let us take over! We’ll file the reconsideration requests for you and we will use all white hat practices to get you back into Google’s good books.

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Reconsideration Requests at Techmagnate

Google gets 5000 reconsideration requests every single week. And very often, people need to submit up to 8 iterations of the same request to get a response for their websites.

Failing to put together a strong reconsideration request when your website gets hit with a manual penalty can mean a 9-month waiting period to have the penalty lifted.

The Reconsideration Process: How Techmagnate Can Help

Recovering your website from a manual penalty is painstaking work which involves:

  • A manual removal of all bad links,

  • Compiling and submitting a database of all those links to Google.

Based on our expertise with recovery work done for our clients, we can ensure you don't have to go through numerous iterations of your recovery request.

If you don't know what cause the penalty, let us know and our team will audit your site to find the problem area.

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