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If you’ve noticed a sharp and sudden drop in your site’s website and rankings, you may have been hit by Google’s Penguin penalty.

Techmagnate’s Link Detox experts, certified by LinkResearchTools (LRT), offer a tried and tested method with proven results to get your site back on top of search results. Beginning with a comprehensive link-detox of your website to identifying all factors leading to a drop in rankings, our Google recovery services team takes care of all the details so you don’t have to.

Latest Google Penguin Update

Google rolled out its first Penguin update in April, 2012 to penalize sketchy link building exercises, a technique used to manipulate rankings on SERPs. Since then, Penguin 2.0 and Penguin 3.0 were released to target link building schemers and counter black hat practices. The latest update Penguin 4.0, rolled out in September, 2016 has the following advantages:

  • Real time analysis – Penguin 4.0 algorithm can penalize sketchy link building exercises on a real time basis. Google crawlers can penalize your rankings as and when they index your website.
  • Faster Impact – You no longer have to wait for a Google update to begin regaining your lost rankings. You will begin to see the results of our Detox Process within a few days.
  • Penalty for pages – Earlier the full website was penalized for ‘Link Building Wheeling Dealing’. The new update is “granular” which means specific pages could be penalized while the rest of your website can continue to enjoy its SERP rankings.

We have always used white hat link building practices to help our clients maintain their SERPs rankings. However, we offer the Link Detox Process to help clients regain rankings lost to Google Penguin updates.

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The Link Detox Process

  • Compile a full list of all links pointing to your domain.
  • Conduct a manual check of each domain to determine whether it meets Google’s guidelines.
  • Contact webmasters on your behalf to have low quality and unnatural links removed.
  • Submit the remaining low-quality links to the Disavow Tool in Google Webmaster tools.

The link detox process can be quite tricky because Google’s guidelines are open to interpretation. Which links should you keep and which should you disavow? Reclaiming rankings after the Penguin Update requires experience and at Techmagnate we have plenty.

We have successfully helped many clients like Koenig Solutions,,,, and many others disavow unnatural links and quickly recover lost rankings.

Get the Penguin recovery process started!

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Google Penguin Recovery Plan

Google Penguin Recovery Plan
Link Detox and Google Disavow for up to 1000 back links – USD 200/ INR 10,000 3-4 Weeks
1. Extract fresh index of top 1000 external links 1-2 days
2. Manually check each link/domain for the following: 7-10 days
a. Http Status of Source URL (If source URL is not live then link can be ignored)
b. Do follow vs. No Follow (No follow links can be ignored)
c. Anchor text (Google recommends anchor text variation)
d. Sitewide Links (these are not good)
e. Reciprocal Links ( Links to/from Resource pages which have been created for the purpose of reciprocal link exchange are not good)
f. Paid Links (these should be No Follow)
g. Links from Bad Neighborhoods
h. Links with low citation flow
3. Contact Webmasters to remove bad external links (Matt Cutts, Former Head of Search Spam at Google recommends removing as many as possible before disavowing) 10-14 Days
4. Disavow remaining bad external links via Google Webmaster Tools 1 Day
1. CSV file with list of links/domains that need to be disavowed. This file can directly be uploaded to Google Webmaster Tools.  

Check out our specially designed Penguin-proof SEO Packages or email us at

Notes: If yours is a large website with lots of pages and more than 1000 back links, please submit the quick enquiry form.


  • What are search engine penalties?

    A search engine penalty is the negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on updates to the search engine algorithm or a manual review and penalization for following SEO black hat techniques. These penalties may be total (a complete de-indexing or ban of your website) or partial (deteriorating rankings or certain pages being ranked poorly).

  • How do I remove a penalty from Google?

    You can remove a penalty from Google in the following ways:

    • Remove the backlinks that caused the penalty by using the Disavow tool
    • Fix your website to adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines
    • Improve content quality for your users
    • Once you’ve cleaned up the issues, submit a request for reconsideration through your manual action report in Google Search Control
  • How do you recover from Penguin penalty?

    Penguin penalties are all about link spam such as low-quality backlinks. Once you have determined that a Penguin penalty hit you, take the following steps to recover:

    • Create a list of backlinks
    • Analyse these backlinks for quality
    • Keep track of the links you want to remove or improve
    • Get the links disavowed or get in touch with webmasters for link removal
    • Actively keep a track of your links and follow only white-hat practices to save yourself from getting hit with a Penguin penalty again
  • Why is keyword stuffing bad?

    Keyword stuffing is an outdated strategy for SEO and can lead to penalties or deindexing. It results in unreadable and unhelpful content that search engines mark as spam. Search engine algorithms try their best to rank high-quality content and keyword stuffing is considered a black-hat method of SEO.

  • How do you disavow backlinks?

    Once you have determined the backlinks you wish to disavow, head to the Disavow tool. You can submit your requests here, leading to cleaner backlinks. Please be extremely careful of the links you are disavowing – you can damage your SEO if not done correctly.

  • How do you identify and remove bad backlinks?

    You can identify and remove bad backlinks through a link audit. We recommend downloading a list of all backlinks from Google Webmaster. You can sift through these with a backlink analyser tool. Create a spreadsheet with bad, spammy links, visit them, and determine the most toxic ones that should be removed or disavowed.

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