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Get a Permanent, Clean Reputation!

Secure Your Online Reputation before it’s Too Late!

Our Accolades

Our Accolades

Rated Best Integrated Search Marketing (SEO & PPC) Company in India
India’s top SEO Services Company for 15 straight years!

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Why choose Techmagnate to Manage your Online Reputation?

We’ve successfully helped over 100 brands, corporates and personalities take back control of their reputation by minimizing damage and fortifying against future attacks. With a unique mix of Search Optimization, Social Media and Online PR, we’ve developed a proven process for removing and replacing negative reviews with positive ones. Our ORM services deliver results every time and that’s why you should choose Techmagnate.

The Techmagnate approach to Reputation Management

The Techmagnate approach to Reputation Management
  • Analyze the current situation
  • Claim and consolidate all online assets for the client
  • Review and respond to all critical action queries promptly
  • Assess all future risks
  • Run Preventive Campaigns with sustained protection strategies for unmarred reputation
What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

Our unique blend of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Online Public Relations!

  • We use social media where others tend to ignore. We take your existing social media profiles, create new ones and get them all to rank on search engines.
  • We turn your Reputation Management Campaign into an Online PR Campaign. Our content marketing team does a fantastic job of creating, distributing and publishing content!
  • Our large network of influencers, bloggers and publishers, built over the years, will help us get you positive reviews month after month.
  • We have access to the latest tools and built our own wherever required. This allows us to execute faster and deliver a permanent, clean reputation at an accelerated pace.

A Custom Campaign for Each Industry

We work with diverse industries and know how to serve each client, individually!

  • Brand Reputation

    Brand Reputation

    Your reputation builds your Brands, allow us to build your reputation!

  • Hospital Reputation

    Hospital Reputation

    We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

  • Hotel Reputation

    Hotel Reputation

    We understand that luxury hotels run on great reviews! Techmagnate knows the way!

  • Restaurant Reputation

    Restaurant Reputation

    A good reputation can help you fill all seats for the evening.

  • Corporate Reputation

    Corporate Reputation

    Built trust and mitigate risk with complete review monitoring and influencer strategies!

  • Celebrities Reputation

    Celebrities Reputation

    Fame is a game best played with preparation! Choose us to help you!

Hear From Our Clients

Great words from our clients

  • Bob A

    "We have been in partnership with Techmagnate for the past 1 year and the performance of both search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management (ORM) have been excellent! Results were shown within short period of time. One client had been doing ORM for 2-3 years but couldn't see any result, till they look for us. We were hesitant initially in committing to the project because they had been doing ORM for a long time and had seen no results. We consulted Techmagnate. Long story short, we decided to take their advice and took up the project. Within 3 months, those bad press were gone and the client was amazed!"

    Benny Ong, Director of a SEO agency (Singapore)

  • MKW

    "We have been working with Techmagnate for quite some time now and found their services are incredibly good.They are in fact the most reliable and efficient digital marketers we have worked with and we would recommend their services to anyone serious about it!"

    Maria Kairuz, Operations director,

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