Enterprise SEO Case Study

The Challenge

1) Poor visibility in Top 3 search results for Postpaid, Prepaid and DTH related keywords

Airtel had very good presence and authority in the telecom sector. It was appearing in top 10 search results for a huge number of industry related terms and keywords, but it was not visible in the top 3 results for most of these terms. Other key players, like Vodafone and Idea Cellular were dominating the Top 3 search results for Postpaid and Prepaid products and plans. Whereas, the new entrant Jio, dominated in prepaid related searches.

For DTH, Airtel had decent presence and appeared for a number of keywords in top 10 search results. However, competitors like Dish TV, Tata Sky and Videocon and some smaller providers like DEN, captured top 3 search results for many of the keywords.

2) Low rankings for Local Keywords for Broadband and Postpaid Lines of Business (LOB)

For Broadband the presence was there in top results, but a lot of local and regional service providers like DEN, Broadway, hatchway, etc. appeared more for generic queries in different regions and completely dominated the top 3 or top 10 results in some cases, for local or regional queries.

There were similar issues with Local keywords for Postpaid.

The Solution

To get maximum keywords in top 3 search results

We pulled out a list of all over 2000 keywords across all 4 Products - Postpaid, Prepaid, Broadband and DTH. We divided the keywords into 3 buckets and worked on different strategies for each:

For Bucket 1: Keywords ranking in Top 10 Results

1. We identified all keywords in Top 10 whose CTR was less than the average CTR for all keywords in the bucket. And worked on optimizing the meta titles to improve the CTR.

2. Optimized on-page SEO elements and improved content for all the target landing pages.

For Bucket 2& 3: Keywords ranking between 11-20 Results and beyond Top 20 Results

3. In addition to the on-page changes mentioned above, we also did aggressive link building to improve authority and popularity of the landing pages on which these keywords were targeted. We obtained a healthy mix of high authority links and high-quality theme-based links.

4. Worked with the Development team to improve page speed of all the target landing pages.

To improve performance of Local Keywords

  • First, we pulled out the complete list of all locations or cities Airtel had their presence in or wanted to target. The target locations were different for both the products – For Postpaid, the target was 440 cities across the country. For Broadband the target was the circles (states) in country and some major cities in these circles.
  • We then researches all combinations of keywords for the target cities and circles and prepared a comprehensive keywords list.
  • Next we prepared separate landing pages for each of the target locations for both products.
  • We did complete local optimization of all these pages including creation of Google My Business (GMB) listings for each physical outlet for each city.
  • We also did comprehensive on page optimization right from content to other on page elements.
  • For the newly created local pages, we built back links via off page activities to increase their authority and popularity.
  • To drive more link juice to these city pages, we interlinked them to each other and also from the main product pages for Postpaid and Broadband.

The Results

Top 3 Rankings

We managed to drive an unprecedented 2100+Keywords into Top 3 position, across all 4 products, over the 12 month engagement. Only 255 keywords were in Top 3 when we started in January ’17.

Product Top 3 Rankings Jan '17 Apr '17 Aug '17 Dec '17
Postpaid Keywords in Top 3 144 1270 1327 1523
Prepaid Keywords in Top 3 0 94 146 175
Broadband Keywords in Top 3 111 149 217 245
DTH Keywords in Top 3 0 0 81 161
Total Keywords in Top 3 255 1513 1771 2104

For Performance of Local Keywords - Postpaid and Broadband

We managed to rank 100% of target keywords in top 10 search results i.e. over 1000 Local keywords across all target locations/cities/circles across the 2 products. This translated to a whopping 3500%increase in traffic from local queries.

NOTE: The absolute numbers are indexed, with Mar. ‘17 set equal to 2 for Organic Traffic on local pages, to facilitate the comparison of growth.

NOTE: The absolute numbers are indexed, with Mar. ‘17 set equal to 1 for Organic Traffic on Local Pages, to facilitate the comparison of growth.

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ASO Case Study - My Airtel App

About the Client

Bharti Airtel is a name to reckon with in the Indian telecom sector. Airtel continues to lead the sector with 29.80% market share after adding another million subscribers to its fold in the month of September 2017, as per COAI data. Their total subscriber base during the said month was at 282.04 million which was phenomenal considering the various challenges being faced by the sector and the stiff competition in this space.

The Challenge

Airtel conceptualized the My Airtel App to provide their customers a single app to manage all their accounts from, be it prepaid, postpaid, digital TV or broadband. While the app had everything going for it such as a top-notch user interface and a seamless user experience, there was one major challenge for which our expertise was sought - achieving higher rankings for this new app in the app store.

The Solution

A comprehensive planning was at the core of the results we wanted to achieve for the My Airtel App in the competitive app store ecosystem. Our ASO experts identified the most relevant keywords that Airtel’s customers might use to get to the app and worked towards making the My Airtel App rank higher on these keyword searches. We then suggested making changes to the App description, main description, title and other on-app elements. We continuously monitored the effect and recommended tweaks, based on ranking changes and feature additions in the app.

We aggressively promoted the app through various off app activities and strengthened authority for the app. We worked to increase the presence and mentions of app across the web. These activities contributed towards higher authority and popularity which ultimately boosted the rankings in the Google Play and Apple Stores.

We monitored the feedback and reviews given by users on the Play Store and suggested improvement, modifications and feature additions in the app accordingly. There were about 10 versions launched between Apr 2017 to December 2017, improving the app performance and overall experience, along with having regular feature additions. So, with new downloads, more of 4 and 5-star ratings or reviews were given by user. Overall of rating of the app also increased.

The Results

The incredible effort put in by our team yielded consistent and measurable results for our ASO client:

Rankings and App Installs

Our team managed to deliver incredible improvements in keyword rankings from the time when they took over. Highly competitive keywords like “online recharge app”, broadband bill pay, “payments bank” were ranking #1 and online recharge at #3, in the month of December 2017. Some other strategically high value key phrases like “bill payment”, “mobile recharge app”, “payment app”, “easy money transfer”, online payment, mobile recharge offers, etc. also managed to break in the top 10 results by December 2017. We were also able to sustain the rankings with brand keywords and bring them all ranking at #1.

Keyword Search Volume Initial Play Store Ranking (Apr 17) Play Store Ranking (Dec 17)
airtel payments bank 100000 2 1
payments bank 27100 2 1
airtel money offers 12100 2 1
payment app 18100 20 9
online payment 18100 21 8
bill payment 12100 45 9
broadband bill pay 10000 6 1
postpaid bill pay 10000 9 6
postpaid bill payment 8100 9 3
bill payment app 8100 17 8
pay bills 4400 20 8
pay bills online 4400 7 6
online postpaid bill payment 1000 8 5
online recharge app 4400 4 1
online recharge 301000 13 3
mobile recharge offers 14800 40 4

As a result, monthly organic installation of the app rose by 159% between April 2017 and November 2017.

NOTE: The absolute numbers are indexed, with Apr. ‘17 set equal to 1.8, for Organic Installs, to facilitate the comparison of growth.

Reviews and Ratings

Another positive indicator came from a comparison we did of the overall reviews of the My Airtel App. It was found that the app registered a 60% increase in total number of reviews between April-December 2017. During the same period, the number for 5-star ratings increased by 68%.

As a result, the overall rating of the app increased from 4.3 in April 2017 to 4.4 in December 2017.

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