Contributor Guidelines for Techmagnate

At Techmagnate, we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our relationships within the digital marketing community and we invite professionals and experts looking for visibility to contribute to our guest blog.
However, before you send us your contribution, we ask that you review our guest posting guidelines first:

  1. No keyword stuffing at all. Any guest article content with forced keywords will be rejected.
  2. All guest blog posts must be at least 1000 words in length. We welcome all content to be written along with relevant images and info-graphics, if applicable. Do not forget to mention the source of the images/info-graphics.
  3. Please submit original content. Plagiarized content will be rejected automatically.
  4. Please adhere to the working and acceptable rules of grammar and web-writing. If any piece of content requires heavy editing or has an excessive amount of grammatical errors, then it will be rejected.
  5. Please refrain from using gendered references, comparisons and pronouns in the posts you submit.
  6. If you submit info-graphics, we request that all your sources be cited in the graphic.
  7. Our blog is about building community, not one-upmanship. Techmagnate will not entertain any offensive, racist or prejudiced language or comments in either the content we publish or in the comments that we moderate to our blog, so let’s just not go there.
  8. We’re okay with outbound links and links to your own websites and/or blog and services, but please leave that information for your bios. All external links will have rel=”nofollow” attribute.
  9. Speaking of bios, please remember to include your links to all relevant social channels in your bios.

We appreciate your interest in Techmagnate and we look forward to your help in building a strong community driven by all things digital and marketing.

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