Sarvesh Bagla

Sarvesh Bagla

Founder and CEO - Techmagnate

Sarvesh Bagla is the Founder & CEO of Techmagnate, one of the largest and most respected SEO Agencies in India. Sarvesh has 16 years of first-hand experience in using SEO to scale organic presence and fuel growth for hundreds of businesses. He has spoken about Digital Marketing, SEO & Content Marketing at various platforms such as India Ahead News, CMS Asia, EO Indore etc. His work has also been featured on websites such as Your Story. Right now, his interest is in Enterprise SEO, as he works closely with some of the leading brands in India to help them dominate search results.

Sarvesh Bagla

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing,

8 Steps to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

November 22, 2023 Sarvesh Bagla 6

Summary: Want to craft a winning digital marketing strategy? Uncover the 8 key steps to building an effective digital marketing plan for your business. From setting clear goals to measuring and analyzing performance, each strategy is so important that you can’t miss it for a digital marketing campaign to succeed. Building an effective digital marketing […]

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X-Default Hreflang Annotation

How X-Default Hreflang Is Important For International SEO

November 21, 2023 Sarvesh Bagla 0

What has been updated from the old blog: Significantly expanded the content and provided more value addition through technical detail explained in clear and easy to understand language. Summary: X-Default Hreflang is a valuable tool in international SEO, and implementing it correctly can significantly benefit your website’s performance and user experience. It’s essential to stay […]

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Role of SEO in Healthcare Insurance

The Power of SEO in Health Insurance: Key Findings from Our Search Trends Report

October 23, 2023 Sarvesh Bagla 0

Summary: The blog discusses the role of SEO in India’s growing health insurance sector, where online searches play a crucial role in decision-making. It also highlights key findings from a comprehensive report, including the rise in specific health insurance search terms and the importance of digital marketing in this sector. By 2026, it is expected […]

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App Store Optimization Tips

Top 10 App Store Optimization Tips for ASO Experts

October 19, 2023 Sarvesh Bagla 0

What has been updated from the old blog: New sections on reviews and ratings, backlinks, and enhanced introductions and conclusions have been added to enrich the blog post. Summary: The top 10 app store optimization tips outlined in this blog post offer valuable expertise for achieving higher rankings, driving organic app downloads, and building a robust […]

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Google Doc Free SEO Tool

Google Docs’ Free SEO Tools

January 25, 2014 Sarvesh Bagla 0

With SEO comes the need for good SEO tools. That is a given. While there are a number of recommended SEO tools that are available on the web out there, a lot of them are paid and require an initial investment before one can test them out. That being said, what a lot of marketers […]

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Google Updates,

Google Disavow Links Tool to Remove Unnatural Links

November 26, 2012 Sarvesh Bagla 0

Google recently released the Disavow Links Tool. The new Google Disavow Links Tool is aimed at helping you identify low quality back links. This tool can be used to request Google not to take these links into consideration when determining your PR (Page Rank) and keyword rankings. The tool is important because irrelevant links and […]

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