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Remarketing vs Retargeting: Which is Better for Marketing

April 24, 2021 Prashant Shukla 0

The terms remarketing and retargeting is often used interchangeably as they are seen as similar marketing practices with little to no difference. If you’re an aspiring marketer who is struggling to distinguish between the two, you’re not alone. In this blog, we will unearth the subtle differences between the two and help you understand both […]

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difference between SEO and SEM

What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

April 8, 2021 Rudra Kumar 0

Marketers today are yet to conclude whether SEM is better for business marketing or if they should stick to the good old practice of SEO. You can use both SEO and SEM to attract website visitors. The only difference between SEO and SEM is that you will get free organic traffic with SEO, whereas with […]

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