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SEO is Changing Fast, Let’s Know How

October 28, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

While researching the latest SEO trends that are influencing the search engine rankings of websites in 2022, content and user experience came on top. These are the two major current ranking trends almost all prominent bloggers and agencies agree on. It indicates that the future of SEO is going to be different from what it’s […]

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Why Drupal Commerce is Best for Small-To-Medium Sized eCommerce Stores

October 26, 2016 admin 0

If you work in the field of online commerce – a field that is rapidly expanding and constantly growing, as per Statista – then you must have doubtlessly heard of Drupal, and the growing list of Drupal tips for eCommerce. As per the company itself, Drupal is a content management software much like WordPress, but with […]

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Increase Your In-Store Sales Using New Google AdWords Extensions

October 24, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Google doesn’t just help companies attract visitors to their websites, the search engine giant is now taking steps to help them to increase their in-store visitors as well. Google does this, using location extensions on search ads (Google AdWords Ads). Google is doing it through “affiliate location extensions”. Now manufacturers can use this new location […]

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Google Steps Up to Ascertain the Credibility of Stories Published On Google News

October 21, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

“Fact Check” labels are now being introduced by Google to make it easier for the searchers to ascertain the credibility of stories and news online.  The label has been added to the existing list of labels in Google News such as Opinion, In-Depth, Highly-Cited, Wikipedia, and Local Source, etc. [Note: You can see the “fact […]

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Google Shares Useful Consumer Insights Just Before 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

October 20, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

The year of “SuperShopper”, as Google dubs the ongoing year, hints towards the fact that Google is going to take some serious steps to help the new generation of online shoppers across the globe. It’s a sizeable chunk of the population and a global leader of Internet searches can’t afford to ignore them. Google has released […]

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Pinterest Allows Retargeting Based On User-Action On Pins and Your Website

October 18, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

If you are not familiar with remarketing or retargeting, here is the definition: “For marketers, retargeting is a way of following their “leads” around the web by showing them the exact same or similar offers. When someone comes to browse your website, the website leaves some cookies on his device. For retargeting purposes, a code […]

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Google Acquires FameBit to Help YouTube Video Creators and Brands Get Benefited Mutually

October 14, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Google is serious about the interests of its users and it reflects in its business policy. Recently Google has acquired a company known as “FameBit”, which positions itself as an influencer marketing platform for businesses. It aims to promote branded content and promises excellent opportunities for YouTube publishers to market their content. This can only be […]

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Mobile Search Gaining Momentum: Almost 50% Netizens Using Their Smartphones for Search

October 7, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Google has released a report recently, according to which more than 40% of the netizens are performing their searches using smartphones. The search volume on Google using smartphones is getting historically high. The most popular queries are related to health, parenting, and beauty, etc. According to another report, more than 80% people use smartphones, whereas […]

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Does AI Powered Google Assistant Puts Your Personal Data at Risk

October 6, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

The landscape of voice search is changing fast and the catalyst for change is none other than Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant. The daddy of all search engines has launched a personal assistant, which is nothing but Google’s anywhere-anytime interface that people can use through a new voice-enabled speaker. Image Courtesy: It looks […]

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Google Starts Working on Penalty Recoveries from the Previous Penguin Updates

October 3, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Following the latest Penguin Update that was rolled out by Google last week, most of the SEO professionals and website-owners are curious to know the timeframe required for them to recover from the previous Penguin penalties. Gary Illyes of Google has cleared the air saying Penguin recoveries have started happening and will be completed by […]

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