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That’s what partnering with us is all about! Our focus on excellence in delivering digital marketing and SEO services has helped our clients, from start-ups to brands to large enterprises, achieve genuine business growth.

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Marrying Your Success with Our Digital Techniques!

  • More than 11 year experience in the digital industry
  • Experience of servicing clients across five continents
  • Hire the best talent and invest in their capabilities
  • Focus on Client Growth
  • Use the latest tools and techniques to deliver success

So why come to us?

  • 1. Strong reputation

    We were ranked as the #3 SEO Company in India from April 2010 to April 2011 by, a leading ranking authority on global search vendors. Over the years we've built a strong reputation in the Indian and overseas market. In India, we work with billion-dollar conglomerates as well as several leading brands in the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia.

  • 2. Ethics-led company

    We are an ethical company, and do not promise you miraculous results just to bag your business. We will definitely give you top results - but with a realistic timeline and a seo package that is unique to you, as every case differs from the other.

  • 3. Brand-building capabilities for a more effective internet campaign

    We come not only with a sound technical background, but have strong brand consultancy capabilities too. Internet marketing is an integral part of a company's brand-building strategy. Our seo experts not only give a product/service visibility online, but also consult clients on branding themselves online. We tailor content and the Internet Marketing plan to conform with a brand's values and actually build a brand image.

  • 4. Cost-effective Price

    We make your budget work for you. Moreover, being located in India, we can offer you world-class seo services at reasonable price points.

  • 5. Highly-trained team

    At Techmagnate, we insist that our entire team is well-trained and has a strong educational background in their respective fields. This is true of top management, right down to the junior-most link builder.

  • 6. Service

    We believe that service is our single largest differentiator. We work for the best interests of our clients, first understanding your requirements and then tailoring the best possible solution for you. Clients are assured of our support at all levels, including from the top management. Therefore while clients work with a single point of contact for seamless delivery, every project is closely monitored by the top management for quality.

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