Lead Generation (PPC) Case Study - Aditya Birla Finance Limited

About the Client

Aditya Birla Fin​ance Lim​ited (AB​FL) is a non-ba​nki​ng fin​​ancial company ​​(NBFC) which customizes private financing solutions to help businesses achieve success.  Incorporated in 1991, the company offers customized solutions for Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Commercial Real Estate & Mortgages and Infrastructure Project & Structured Finance.


When ABFL approached Techmagnate for its PPC services, they had a very clear and precise goal - generate thousands of leads from SMEs looking to avail Business Loans. The target market, comprising of small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, was a small one. And the search demand on Google was limited. There were already a number of established lenders operating in this small, but hyper competitive market. To deliver thousands of leads from such a small target market at a predefined Cost Per Lead (CPL) was always going to be a tough challenge. It was going to require all our experience and expertise to deliver a perfectly targeted PPC campaign and meet the numbers!


Our first task was identifying the audience from 13 major cities ABFL wanted to target. We started the lead generation campaign with Google Search using relevant keywords to attract users looking for business loans. Simultaneously, to increase the volume of leads we planned a strategy for Google Display. Once we figured out how to target the correct audience on Display Network, we amped up the campaign and combined it with Remarketing and Gmail Sponsored Promotion to increase lead volumes dramatically. Constant optimization ensured we never crossed our CPL threshold.

Our strategy can be simply be summed up as below -

  • Precise choice of keywords to ensure relevancy of Search ads
  • Starting search campaigns and then adding Display campaigns to create buzz and increase traffic volume and number of leads
  • Optimizing the campaigns by identifying target audience to increase lead relevancy
  • Ensuring robust visibility to create brand awareness, help increase brand searches
  • Optimizing Device performance to control budgets


In a result-oriented market nothing speaks better than success and we achieved fantastic results for our client. We managed a stupendous growth of relevant leads to 4.5 times more than the assigned target. And mind you, this was achieved without overstepping the CPL. This phenomenal increase resulted from 3.5 times increase in visibility and 4 times increase in traffic as compared to the previous months. The comprehensive PPC campaign path that we followed vigorously and robustly, saw an increase of leads by 418%, 90% and 82% from Search Network, Gmail Sponsored Promotion and Display Network, respectively.

Visibility that established the ABFL brand

Visibility leads to traffic and how! As we gained momentum and visibility in the 13 earmarked cities, our marketing campaigns turned into resounding successes. As visibility of the brand increased by 3.5 times and traffic to the website by 4.5 times, we were able to establish ABFL as a brand of repute.


NOTE: The absolute numbers have been indexed in order to facilitate the comparison of growth.

Leads that dwarfed targets

We, as a company thrive on challenges, and we are simply happy to exceed expectations by such a large margin – we managed 4.5 times more leads than the client’s target! As the chart below depicts, our leads dwarfed the targets by an astounding margin.

NOTE: The absolute numbers have been indexed in order to facilitate the comparison of growth.

Increased visibility and leads to create a buzz

There is only one word to describe what the increased number of leads achieved – stupendous. We saw an incredible increase in leads, which have been increasing month-on-month. The CPL was well maintained even as leads continued to increase exponentially from the following campaigns:

  • 418% increase from the Search Network
  • 90% increase from Gmail sponsored promotion
  • 82% increase from leads from the Display Network

The chart below shows quite clearly the buzz we created while competing with bigwigs in a limited market space.


NOTE: The absolute numbers have been indexed in order to facilitate the comparison of growth.

Our Learnings

Establishing a brand in the online world is a challenging task, but with the right mix of strategy and robust knowledge and action, even the toughest markets can be captured. We were able to establish ABFL as a force to be reckoned with, capable of challenging the established lenders in the Business Loans Market.  And once again, we recognized the simple truth – in the online world, the need is to create customized campaigns, specific to a client and their industry, to achieve success again and again.

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