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How Important is Moz’s Domain Authority for Link-Building Campaigns?

March 15, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Just a few months back, when Moz suddenly updated its key metric known as Domain Authority or DA for many sites, panic could be felt among digital marketers. Many were taken by surprise, whereas others were apprehensive about downslide of their sites’ ratings. There was a widespread fear of loss in traffic or Google rankings, but […]

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Clickable Phone Numbers Latest to be added to Google Organic Search

March 10, 2016 Kanika Kanojia 0

Google has always been a company which is extremely comfortable with experiments no matter what the nature. These experiments could be changes in the algorithm, the user policy, the design or any kind of new web products that they launch. Alterations, modifications and improvements keep happening when Google engineers are involved. One of the latest […]

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Google Releases Ad-Words Editor 11.3

March 4, 2016 Kanika Kanojia 1

According to a new announcement on G+, the next version of Google Ad Words Editor is now available.  The updated version comes with even better features such as support for video campaigns, callout extensions, HTML5 ads and more. Below is a comprehensive list of added features: True-View Videos: Get started with a video campaign on […]

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Google to add AMP pages: Should you be figuring it out?

March 2, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

In a recent move, Google had announced that AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages will be displayed in the mobile search results for the search engine. AMP is an open source program aimed at improving the mobile interface and was launched in October, 2015. Basically, it moves to remove all elements which may cause web pages […]

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Google sends notification to fix-up AMP- related errors

February 29, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Content publishers who have set up AMP pages are being sent an error-notification via Google Search Console. It reads: “Google systems have detected that some of your AMP pages do not meet our guidelines and will therefore not show in Google Search AMP-related features. The following report provides examples of pages with errors:” Then it […]

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Highly Targeted PPC Strategies that are Beyond Quantitative Analysis

May 5, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

I was so fond of marketing (as a subject) during my MBA that I used to keep Philip Kotler’s international bestseller “Marketing Management” at my bedside. He has been my role-model ever since, as far as marketing strategy is concerned. Internet was in its infancy in those days and little did I know that a […]

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How to Use Google’s Smart Goals to Identify High Quality Traffic and Drive Conversion from Paid Search Advertising?

March 7, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

Have you ever tried to optimize the performance of your AdWords account? If yes, then how do you optimize your ads, bids and website? For better advertising, you need accurate measurement and tracking. Your ultimate target as a business is getting conversions and hence it becomes important to use smart tools to accurately measure and […]

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How to Make your Annual Paid Search Budget for Maximum Returns?

March 11, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

The life of a paid search marketer is full of deadlines and commitments and his calendar is certainly no exception. Drafting a budget for the next year is also a big responsibility and it comes with a deadline. So, if you have also been assigned the job of making an annual paid search budget by […]

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Outbound Links Affect Google Rankings Positively, Says a Study by Reboot Online

February 26, 2016 Kanika Kanojia 0

Contrary to Google’s stand, a new study by Reboot Online suggests that outbound links do have a positive impact if used correctly. Just a few days back, John Mueller, Web-Master Trend Analyst at Google, said –“outbound links are not a ranking factor.” Many of us have been sticking to authority sites for years now.  But […]

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No more Ads on the right side of search results page, confirms Google

February 23, 2016 Nashaat Quadri 0

In a major move by Google, it decided that there would be no more ads on the right side of its desktop search results page. These ads would be confined to the top and bottom of the results page. The company also added that an additional fourth ad would be displayed above the search results […]

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